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Senior Team Members

Greg Hay, Head of Investment and CEO

Greg is from Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Greg attended Foyle and Londonderry College and later attended the University of Ulster attaining an MSc in Management of Technology Change in 2001. Greg trained as an Aerospace Engineer at Bombardier, Belfast before starting trading financial markets full time in 2003. In 2005, Greg co-founded high tech Forex start-up firm Tradency, Tradency quickly developed into a 70 person company turning over $15M per annum.

In 2013, Greg returned to trading markets. By late 2014, Greg offered managed trading services to a wide range of diverse clients under the brand His services as a 3rd Party forex manager has earned him an excellent reputation and the brand continues to excel. Greg is an expert progammer and has written many articles on using new age algorithmic trading, these are a small sample of the extracts.

Kyle Hay, Senior Trader and Lead Programmer

Kyle is a graduate from University of Ulster at Jordanstown. He entered the Forex Arena in 2009 and quickly established himself as a very talented trading individual. Kyle is a highly capabale system designer and programmer whose ability to design front end trading systems that withstand a broad range of trading conditions has gained him immense merit within the industry.

Ian Wallace, Head of Relations and Marketing

Ian is a graduate in eCommerce and Marketing. He provides our clients with top class support services ensuring timely response to customer queries.

Why Choose Managed Forex?

From the first day our aim has not changed: we would like to offer forex managed accounts service to our clients which meet their expectations and desires completely. We are proud of what we have achieved until today, our success is proven by the positive responses we continuously get from our ever growing client base. As an asset management company we focus on working with strictly verified trader teams who are able to provide a good performance and stable results for our investors in the long term.

The trading strategy we employ specialises in exploiting the different market conditions. The fluctuations of the currency market has got a direct effect on the performance of the accounts, but if the total amount invested is diversified in equal proportions, the targeted profit can be achieved in a more stable manner. We put great emphasis on providing high returns to our clients regardless the global economics.

How It Works

Managed forex accounts offer total transparency compared to a typical fund. With a forex managed account your funds are held by you and only you, as opposed to a typical fund where your money is held by the fund manager and this places you in a vulnerable position.

You are the only person that would have access to your funds and the only person who can withdraw those funds.

You will be able to view all live trades as they happen via a well-known industry standard trading platform called a MetaTrader4.

Getting Started

The process of setting up your managed forex account could not be easier. Simply complete the Get Started form and we can be managing your account within hours.

Managed Forex Service Highlights

Equity Protection Stop

Our Equity Protection Stop mechanism is set by the client inside the broker user area. Its is very straightforward and allows clients to safeguard a large part of their investment. Say a client invests $10,000 but wishes not to lose >$2,000, then the equity protect stop will cease all trading on client account if account equity drops under $8,000, safeguarding 80% of their original investment

Full Ownership

Remember you maintain full ownership of the Forex trading account we trade on your behalf. Opened in your name, the account remains in your name, along with all withdrawal and deposit rights.

We will help you understand

  • How our service works;
  • How our trading strategy works;
  • Our historical performance;
  • All fees and costs.

To find out more, please browse or site or contact us

Getting to know our Service

  • Managed Forex

    Managed Forex will provide you the possibility to enter Forex Market with a dedicated team of professional traders that have extensive experience in markets analysis, developing/programming and algorithmic trading. Moreover, you will have a full control of your account and funds, you do not send your money to a trader. We deliver high success rate, low stress competitive return on your investment.

  • Investment Performance

    A two year track record shows that we have been performing aptly for a significant period of time. Longevity is possible through constant development of our trading strategy with a constant focus on risk management combined with real returns that we're proud of. Competitive investment fees mean that you keep more of the profits on your account, as part of our ethos we believe that we have a fair and balanced approach in terms of fee structure, which is variable depending on the amount of funds invested with us.

  • Forex Brokers

    We provide our investment service through online Forex brokers. We understand that clients can sometimes have a preference when it comes to forex brokers (depending on location etc) and therefore we offer a choice of brokers to clients. Get started here.