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Thank you for visiting our site. We provide managed forex services and autotrading solutions to investors and traders seeking optimum returns on their money. We give people the opportunity to make use of our experience, knowledge and professionalism.

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Action breeds confidence. Join our managed forex account service from only 5,000 GBP (or EU) with the option of adding funds at your discretion.

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Transparent Fees

All investment costs are made clear through our website, if you prefer, talk to us and we will explain all aspects of our service.


Competitive Returns

Understanding risk, reward based risk and key benefits of our trading strategy enables optimsed investment returns.Request your investor pack today.

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About Us

Managed Forex was setup with the goal of providing an excellent alternative investment service for investors in the Forex market. We are driven by the desire to provide an unparallelled investment service in terms of setting realistic targets, an aim to meet targets over a given period combined with a clear focus on customer service. Our managed forex account (forex fund) is available even to the average investor, with the low initial minimum required balance of 5,000 GBP (or Euro)

Hi, I'm Ian, responsible for customer support at Managed Forex. Talk to me to discuss any queries you may have.

Getting to know our Service

  • Managed Forex

    Managed Forex will provide you the possibility to enter Forex Market with a dedicated team of professional traders that have extensive experience in markets analysis, developing/programming and algorithmic trading. Moreover, you will have a full control of your account and funds, you do not send your money to a trader. We deliver high success rate, low stress competitive return on your investment.

  • Investment Performance

    Our track record shows that we have been performing aptly for a significant period of time. Longevity is possible through constant development of our trading strategy with a constant focus on risk management combined with real returns that we're proud of. Competitive investment fees mean that you keep more of the profits on your account, as part of our ethos we believe that we have a fair and balanced approach in terms of fee structure, which is variable depending on the amount of funds invested with us.

  • Forex Brokers

    We provide our investment service through online Forex brokers. We understand that clients can sometimes have a preference when it comes to forex brokers (depending on location etc) and therefore we offer a choice of brokers to clients. Get started here.